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Conscriptio is a Spanish platform 2.0 dedicated to the auxiliary sciences of history like paleography, diplomatics, codicology, sigillography, chronology, and epigraphy. The purpose of the blog is to introduce a specialty of history that because of its technical and minority nature, has little presence in the media. In the coming posts we aim to catch the attention of the following audience: someone with concerns about the basic knowledge of our scientific discipline, university students of different degrees or masters where the auxiliary sciences of history are taught, researchers from other related specialties (medievalists, modernists, archivists, art historians, philologists), and particularly experts in the field. Therefore we will have a divulging perspective for the general public, but with the necessary rigor of a scientific discipline.
The main meeting point of the Conscriptio platform is this Blogbut we are also present in other media such as Twitter, Facebook or YoutubeNecessary tools to become known, achieve maximum dissemination of the content and keep in touch with our visitors. We aim to be a discussion point in this area, all comments are welcome and we offer you an email for any questions Although the main language of the blog is Spanish, there is no problem to send comments or emails in English, because we can understand it and we will answer you in your language.

This project is supported by Néstor Vigil Montes, a scholarship PhD student at the University of Oviedo, whose doctoral thesis concerns the document production by notaries in the writing office of the chapter of Oviedo in the mid-fifteenth century. The research focuses present in their work are: late medieval and early modern paleography and diplomatics; notarial and cathedral chapters diplomatics; cathedral chapters in the middle ages, medieval urban history, and history of trade relations. You can consult their bibliography on the following link in the blog Conscriptio or in the website of Academia.

Obviously the content of the blog will be in Spanish, but we believe that an introduction to the contents of blog in English is positive...
  • Articles (Artículos):  This is the section which raises more interest among our visitors, where we present at the same time the basic concepts of the disciplines and scientific developments.
  • News (Noticias): In this section, we seek to cover the main events which occurred in the field, while the less important news are distributed via Twitter. This section includes new scientific discoveries, projects, conferences, exhibitions, events, changes on the blog.
  • Bibliography (Bibliografía): A collection of the best titles of books and articles on different areas of the auxiliary sciences of history. It may be interesting to find out the scientific production in Spanish, but we also consider the rest. If you want to promote your bibliography, you only ought to send the titles in the same citation format by email.
  • Bibliographic reviews (Recensiones): A detailed analysis of certain studies on the auxiliary sciences of history. If you want a review of one of your books, you should only ask by email and  facilitate the work.
  • Events (Eventos): An agenda in Google Calendar format where you can find the dates of conferences, courses and exhibitions, on auxiliary sciences of history. If you want to promote an event, you should only request it by email.
  • Multimedia (Multimedia): Section where we will exclusively treat audio and video materials available on the Internet. If you want to promote your media, you should only request by email.
  • Resources (Recursos): Links to websites with the best resources for learning and research on auxiliary sciences of history, as for example: Links to websites with the best resources for learning and research auxiliary sciences of history, as for example: digitized documents, resources for research, transcription exercises, teaching materials, virtual exhibitions, links directories, journals index. If you want to promote your resource, you should only request by email.
  • Links (Enlaces): Links to websites relating to auxiliary sciences of history, such as: international committees and national associations, university departments and research groups, archives, websites and blogs made ​​by specialists, links to medieval history websites. If you want to promote your site, you should only request by email.
  • About the Author (Sobre el autor):  A small space with the professional information about the responsible for this blog, which includes his curriculum vitae and bibliography.
  • About the Blog (Acerca del blog):  A small space with information blog: motivations, the functioning of the platform 2.0, copyright treatment.

I hope that you find Conscriptio platform interesting, you have the patience to read the content in Spanish, and you participate in discussions using your language.

Greetings to English Speaking visitors.

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